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Breakdown of Meditech EHR Top Features

Meditech EHR Software

This article contains the top features of Meditech software for hospitals. So stay tuned to find out how you can benefit from Meditech Software and progress further in your practice.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

A feature that many Meditech software reviews consider significant is the scheduling function. This functionality allows you to schedule your appointments so that you can visit as many patients as possible in a single day. Furthermore, the Meditech software sends out appointment reminders to both you and your patients, reducing no-shows.

Suppose a patient cancels or reschedules an appointment at the last minute. In that case, the efficient software uses a waitlist option to quickly schedule a new patient, ensuring that you don’t waste any minute!.

Patient Portal

The patient portal enables you to engage with your patients rapidly. Patients can access the portal to review their medical records, schedule appointments, and examine lab test results. They can also use this option to pay for their expenses.

The patient portal sends electronic reminders to patients before each appointment to reduce no-shows and increase income. Patients can also take control of their health by receiving treatment plans and educational resources.

Pre-built Templates

Templates are essential in any medical firm since they effectively do half of your work for you. Similarly, in Meditech software, you can select a template from several options. This feature will assist you in choosing the best template for your needs. You can also customize and alter a template to suit your needs. Overall, templates help accelerate your documentation process.

Meditech Software Pricing

The cost of Meditech Software is not available on the internet. You can, however, get a quote from the vendor via the website. The price of an EHR system is based on several factors, including specialty-specific features and the number of providers in the system.

Meditech Software Reviews


  • The user interface is both intuitive and appealing to the eye. Users also find it straightforward to train their employees on how to use the system's features.

  • Even when numerous devices access it concurrently, the software shows flexibility and does not slow down.


  • There are limited features that you can customize. As a result, some users have to rely on generic templates for their specialty.

Our Two Bits

Before the Meditech EHR demo, develop a list of your requirements. This allows you to analyze the software during the demo and see if it meets your needs. Furthermore, we suggest that you study Medtech software reviews on numerous websites so that you can better examine the EHR and make an informed decision for your healthcare setting.


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